AvantEdge is a marketing and PR firm specializing in establishing better communication practices that drive recognition to each client in the markets they serve. services AvantEdge for all your PR needs.
AvantEdge is a marketing and PR firm specializing in establishing better communication practices that drive recognition to each client in the markets they serve. why AvantEdge?servicesresourcescontact us AvantEdge for all your Web design needs.
Advertising/Sponsorship Sales
A lot of publications and events are funded through financial assistance from outside sources. Our experienced staff will work with you to create a list of potential supporters, then take the ball and run with it. Let us do the grunt work associated with securing partners and meeting your financial goals..

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Branding/Logo Design
Your brand starts with your logo or your "mark," but it does not end there. A prospect should be intrigued by your logo and should also be able to easily figure out what it is you do or sell. Your tagline should further define your market niche or benefit and invoke the prospect's interest. So put your best foot forward. A successful branding program should be multidimensional, emphasizing the total customer experience, and not just one aspect. It should convince your prospects that you are the clear-cut choice to fulfill their expectations....Example 1 ....Example 2 ....Example 3
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In many cases it is necessary to re-categorize corporate information to make it as easy to understand and "user-centric" as possible. Unfortunately, more often than not, company "insiders" are too close to the information to accurately assess what message is important to the client and what will help them in their decision-making process. Our staff brings a wealth of journalism and marketing experience to your project.

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Industry/Community Relations
AvantEdge uses community relations to achieve business goals. This involves facilitating partnerships and alliances with businesses, government and community organizations to strengthen a client's position. It also entails capturing broad-based public or industry understanding and support by researching opinions, then carefully crafting strategies that change perceptions about a client.

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Internet Marketing
At times, the best solution is to launch and leverage Web sites and Internet strategies for clients, which may include chat tours, article syndication, e-marketing campaigns, direct e-mail and advertising.

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Marketing Planning
Don't waste your time and money on yesterday's media and advertising ideas! Today's customers are much more sophisticated in their buying processes. They have a vast amount of information to consider and can choose from dozens of options. You need a marketing campaign that targets your specific audience in a cost and time-efficient manner. We can help you find the best path to your new clients/customers.

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Media Relations
Our work is strategic and effective. We won't just get publicity; we secure targeted coverage that helps achieve an organization's goals. How do we advance our partners through media relations?
  • Research that identifies the most promising opportunities and markets
  • Meaningful messages, press releases and pitches that are carefully crafted
  • Cost-effective and thorough dissemination of the information
  • Conscientious follow-up and pursuit of opportunities

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Graphic Design
AvantEdge will help you develop a message and image that will demand attention and promote tangible benefits to your target audience in a style that will increase your prominence or lead generation significantly. Here are few types of the most popular print media and advertising projects:

We can deliver any print request you may have, as well as fulfill the actual printing services through our printing partner, United Printing, Media & Graphics, to assure a quality job.....Example 1....Example 2....Example 3 ...Example 4 ...Example 5....Example 6 ...Example 7

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Our staff has a combined total of more than two decades of publication experience. This includes writing, editing, layout, ad sales and working with editorial boards. We understand the factors involved with producing award-winning, high quality publications. Allow us to WOW you!... Example 1....Example 2... Example 3 ...Example 4...Example 5....Example 6....Example 7

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Public Relations
We work closely with clients to carefully identify their targets and determine the best communication strategies for reaching them. Other times we work to alter misconceptions about a product/service or educate the public on an issue. Rather than a list of tactics like staging a news conference or sending out a batch of news releases, we create a fully integrated marketing communication program that successfully achieves results through the use of the most relevant public relations strategies.

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We can help you redesign or re-brand a "tired" or outdated publication, product or corporate image.

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Electronic Newsletters/E-mail Campaigns
Electronic newsletters are by far the most cost-effective way to keep in touch with members, clients or business prospects.
Example 1: Before | After....Example 2....Example 3: Before | After..

E-mail campaigns are an essential ingredient in a successful marketing plan. These powerful marketing tools are used to keep in touch with clients; introduce new products and services; announce staff changes, upcoming events and awards; and communicate anything your prospects might find interesting!

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Web Site Design
With over 78% of consumers visiting a company's web site BEFORE they make a purchasing decision, the image and message perceived from a customer's initial visit is critical to the sales process. We take the time to discover what it is you do well and exploit it in every media that projects your brand. ...
Example 1....
Example 2....Example 3....Example 4...Example 5....Example 6
....Example 7....Example 8
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  Writing Corps  
  AvantEdge employs an outstanding corps of freelance writers with magazine, daily newspaper, feature and newswire writing experience. Put them to work for you! ...Example 1....Example 2.. Example 3  
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